Benefits of Water

The benefits of water are functionally limitless!

  1. Cardio-Respiratory Endurance
    • Water forces blood away from the extremities and towards the heart and lungs enabling the lungs to receive a greater volume of blood, combined with the pressure water exerts on the chest wall, allowing you to work approximately 60% harder than on land. Along with strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving their efficiency, only aquatic exercise improves respiratory endurance.
  2.  Circulation
    • The hydrostatic pressure of water creates natural compression, which decreases swelling and improves blood flow. During intense cardiovascular exercise in water, your heart beats 10 – 15 beats lower per minute; making it the most efficient median for calorie burn and full body toning.
  3. Low Impact – High Octane
    • Water’s buoyancy decreases the effect of gravity and reduces the weight bearing and compression of the spine and joints. The upward thrust exerted by water on a body virtually eliminates the effects of gravity – supporting 90 percent of the body’s weight for reduced impact and greater flexibility. Meaning you can work out harder at higher intensity levels several days in a row, without causing wear and tear on your joints and general muscle soreness.
  4. Muscle Conditioning
    • The resistant based nature of aquatic exercise enables you to work your muscles both eccentrically and concentrically. This allows an equal ratio of strength, reciprocal contraction, and relaxation of the muscles.
  5. Vitality
    • During immersion, the body sends out a signal to alter your balance in a manner that is similar to the balance found during relaxation or meditation, helping to improve overall health and well-being.